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Carrick 4th at Angell Park Speedway

PETERSEN MEDIA: Getting washed out on Saturday night at FALS, Tanner Carrick and the Keith Kunz Motorsports team were able to get Sunday’s Pepsi Nationals at Angell Park Speedway in where Carrick picked up a fourth place finish.

“We had a really fast racecar, but it was just one of those nights where passing was extremely tough,” Carrick said.

Running with the Lucas Oil POWRi Midget Series, Carrick would draw himself a front row starting position for heat race action, before finishing second and finding himself in the fourth row to start the 30-lap feature event.

After some pre race track preps, Carrick was patient as he waited for the surface to widen out so he could get going forward. With it tough to pass on during much of the feature, Carrick would showcase a very strong machine under him and was methodical in his moves.

Climbing into fourth, Carrick would pressure his KKM teammate Tucker Klassmeyer for the final spot on the podium in the race’s waning laps. Trying everything he could to get by Klassmeyer, Carrick would come up shot as he capped his Pepsi Nationals with a fourth place finish as he continues to get into a groove with his Craftsman/CVC/TRD team.

“I think we were a little faster than some of those guys at the end of the race it was just too tough to pass,” Carrick added. “Thanks to everyone on the KKM team that works so hard to give us great cars. We have a busy couple of days coming up and I could not be more excited.”

Tanner Carrick and the Keith Kunz Motorsports team would like to thank Craftsman, CVC, TRD, Spike Chassis, Cemex, Arai, and Shell Shock for their support.

2019 BY THE NUMBERS- Starts-24, Wins-0, Top 5’s-3, Top 10’s-11

ON TAP: Tanner Carrick will be in Meeker, OK on Tuesday night and Concordia, KS on Wednesday night with the Keith Kunz Motorpsorts team for more USAC action.

STAY CONNECTED: Stay up to speed with Tanner Carrick by following him on Twitter @Carrick_Tanner or @CarrickMotorsp1.



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