Meet Tanner

Tanner Carrick is a 19 year old Midget, Sprint Car, and Outlaw Kart racing driver.  Tanner started racing Outlaw Karts at Cycleland Speedway when he was 6 years old with his dad as his crew chief.  Besides California, Tanner has travelled to Oregon, Idaho, Illinois, Montana, North Carolina, Iowa, Texas, and Oklahoma in his Outlaw Kart.  In 2015, he was invited to race in Indiana at the Indy Invitational Outlaw Kart race.

In 2017, Tanner was given the opportunity to drive a midget for Keith Kunz Motorsports in the Midwest.  Tanner’s dedication and passion for racing bring him back home to run the Sprint Car and Outlaw Kart on his off weeks. 


While with KKM, Tanner gained rookie of the year honors and obtained both POWRi and USAC wins.  Tanner continues to race with KKM at select events throughout the year including the Chili Bowl Nationals.


Tanner is currently racing his Carrick Motorsports 360 Sprint Car throughout various California series including the Sprint Car Challenge Tour and Taco Bravo @ Ocean Speedway.  Tanner also races his Carrick Motorsports 410 Sprint Car at select events on the west coast.

In addition to racing, Tanner also enjoys hunting, fishing, and golfing.

Quick Facts:

Birthdate:  January 17, 2002

Birth Place:  Roseville, California

Hometown:  Lincoln, California



2019 USAC National Midget Series - 6th in Points

2019 POWRi Lucas Oil National Midgets - 10th in Points

2018 USAC National Midget Series - 6th in Points

2018 POWRi Lucas Oil National Midgets - 7th in Points

2016 Cycleland Speedway Outlaw Kart Open Champion
2015/2016 Red Bluff Outlaw Kart 250 Champion
2014 Cycleland Speedway Outlaw Kart 250 Champion
2012 Cycleland Speedway Outlaw Kart Box Stock Champion 


2017 USAC Rookie of the Year

2013 Cycleland Speedway Open Intermediate Rookie of the Year
2012 Cycleland Speedway 250 Rookie of the Year
2010 Cycleland Speedway Box Stock Most Improved Driver
2009 Cycleland Speedway Box Stock Rookie of the Year