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Tanner Carrick Opens Sophomore Season in USAC with 11th Place Finish at Shamrock Classic

PC- Noah Branson

Climbing back aboard a potent Keith Kunz Midget on Saturday to open his sophomore season with the USAC National Midget Series, Tanner Carrick would have a good run at the Shamrock Classic in DuQuoin, IL that saw him pocket a 12th place finish.

“It was awesome to get back in a KKM midget,” Carrick said. “We probably should have had a better finish, but a little mistake put us back. Overall it was a good day of racing.”

Running a draw format for this event, Carrick would get things started by advancing the CVC/TRD/Spike Chassis backed No. 71K from fourth to second in heat race action to put him in a nice position in a qualifier.

Gridding the field from the second row of his qualifier, the 2017 USAC National Midget Series Rookie of the Year would finish four and find himself in the fifth row for the 50-lap Shamrock Classic feature event.

On a track that was strictly around the bottom in the feature, Carrick was smooth in the early goings of the race as he was able to work his way up to seventh at one point during the hard fought race.

Running a slow pace around the bottom, Carrick would briefly stall his engine and slip back to 13th as he was able to get it re-fired.

Passing would prove to be at a premium as much of the field ran nose to tail fighting for position on the bottom groove. Able to get to 11th, Carrick would hang on to the spot as the race came to a close.

“I have to thank everyone at KKM for their hard work and always providing top notch equipment for us,” Carrick added. “Looking forward to a great year with all of these guys.”

Tanner Carrick and the Keith Kunz Motorsports team would like to thank CVC, TRD, Spike Chassis, Cemex, and Shell Shock for their support.

2018 BY THE NUMBERS- Starts-1, Wins-0, Top 5’s-0, Top 10’s-0

ON TAP: Carrick and the KKM team will return to action March 22-24th in Oklahoma City, OK.



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