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Tanner Carrick Makes First Tulsa Shootout Appearance with Factor 1 Racing

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Like any racer, Tanner Carrick jumped at the opportunity to spend the last days of 2017 at a racetrack. Teaming up with Factor 1 Racing, Carrick closed the year out by making his first ever appearance at the Tulsa Shootout in Tulsa, OK where he competed in three divisions over the course of the four-day extravaganza.


“I have to thank everyone at Factor 1 Racing for making this possible,” Carrick said. “It was great to cut my first laps at the Tulsa Expo Center, and run against some strong competition.”

Carrick would take part in Winged A Class, Non Wing Outlaw, and Non Wing Stock competition at an event that offered over 1000 competitors.

Winged A Class action would see the Lincoln, CA pilot get off to a very nice start as he was able to overcome a tough pill draw and charge from his seventh starting position and earn a ton of points as he finished in the second spot.

Moving into a qualifier, Carrick would face some stiff competition in Frank Flud, Trey Robb, and Joey Ancona. Holding his own, Carrick would finish in the second position before a second place finish in his ‘B’ Main moved him within one race of the Feature event.

Lining up in the fifth row of the Last Chance Qualifier, Carrick would fight hard for the final spot in the feature event. Coming oh so close to moving into the feature event, Carrick would close his A Class Tulsa Shootout out with a ninth place finish in the LCQ.

Non Wing Outlaw action also got off to a really good start for the USAC National Midget Rookie of the Year. In his heat race, Carrick would do as he did in his Winged A Class Heat, and that was move forward. Lining up in the eighth starting position, Carrick would work his way up to a third place finish and move into a qualifier.

Lining up on the front row of his qualifier, Carrick would settle into the third spot as he worked the low groove on the Tulsa Expo Center racing surface. Bouncing off the inside berm too hard, Carrick would lose the handle on his machine, and he would end up with an 11th place finish.

Moving into a ‘B’ Main event, Carrick would have his work cut out for himself as he would take the green flag from the ninth starting position, with only the Top-Two moving into the ‘A’. Able to pick up a spot early in the race, Carrick would end his Shootout in this class with an eighth place finish in the semi.

The final of his three-class run at the Tulsa Shootout would be in the Non-Wing Stock Division. Lining up seventh in heat race action, Carrick would only be able to gain one position as a sixth place finish placed him in the ‘C’ Main.

Making something happen in the ‘C’, Carrick would advance from his fifth starting spot to tally a second place finish and keep his Shootout going.

Lining up 16th in his ‘B’ Main, Carrick would give it a valiant effort as he chased after one of two transfer positions. Picking up spots lap after lap, Carrick’s run from the ‘C’, would end with a seventh place finish in the ‘B’.

“It was a good experience, and again I have to thank Factor One Racing, Jason, Jim, Kristy, Rick, and Momos Racing Engines for everything,” Carrick said. “2017 was a fun year, and I am looking forward to see what 2018 has in store for me.”

Tanner Carrick would like to thank CVC, Cemex, Interstate Oil, Conti, Harris and Sloan, Emerald, and Timberworks Construction for their support.

ON TAP: Tanner Carrick’s 2017 has come to a close. Stay Tuned for his 2018 schedule.



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